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History of the Department

Department of Zoology was commissioned in1958 under the supervision of the Sri. V.B.R.K. Chowdary, the first member and the Head of the Department. Initially it was designated as the Department of Natural Sciences.

The Department had only two staff members during the inaugural year. The second member was Mrs.K.Krishna Kumari who taught Botony. In 1961, Sri.L.Janaki Ramayya and Sri.K.Venkata Rao joined as Lecturers. In 1965, B.Sc. course with Zoology, Botony and Chemistry was started.In the same year Sri.A.Seetaramaiah and Sri. N.Bapa Rao joined as Lecturers. In 1967, Sri.K.Hanumantha Rao and Sri. G.Suryanarayana joined in the service.

In the same year Department of Natural Sciences was bifurcated into Departments of Zoology and Botony. Later Sri.V. Krishna Murthy, Smt.M.Anantha Lakshmi, Sri.M.Poornachandra Rao, Sri.V.Ranga Rao, Sri.K.Sreeramulu, Sri.K.Ramesh babu, Smt.P.Hilda Margaret , Smt.K.Sailaja and Dr.L.Cyril Arun Kumar Joined in the department in subsequent years.

Principals From the Department:The following faculty members retired as the Principals.

1.Sri. V.B.R.K. Chowdary ( 1991 – 1993)

2.Sri. A. Seetharamaiah ( 1999 – 2000)

3.Smt.M.Anantha Lakshmi ( 2003 - 2004)


The Department of Zoology is well established with enormous Infrastructure. The Department has two Laboratories with sufficient facilities which can accommodate many students at a time. Department possesses a good number of equipments. Some of them are, L.C.D., Touch Board, B.O.D. Incubator, Refregirator, Phase Contrast Microscope, along with Computer with internet facility, Printer, and many more which are useful to the students in their regular curriculum.