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The Department of English was established in 1951. Under the stewardship of S.P.Ragland , the first Principal of the College, Sarvasri D.V.Subbarao , K.T.Rayudu, K.V.Subbarao, V.Basavaiah, N.Mukundarao, m.Kutumbarao , pj Vardhan Rao,p. Lakshmkantham, md. Tamizuddin and md. Nafizuddin,T.Nirmala&T.Radha Krishna murthy. brought fame to the Department. It flourished well and was treated as the Royal Department.

Some lecturers of our department retired as principals 1.S.P Ragland, D.V Subbarao, V.Basavaiah,K.V.S,& N.MUKUNDARAO

Some our department members all alumna of this college;; B.J.R Koteswrarao, P.J Vardhan rao, M.Sudharani| &B.Jhansi rani

At present , the members of the Department Mrs M Sudha Rani, Dr I.Kesava Rao, Mrs B Jhansi Rani, Sri P.Srinivasa Rao and Mrs E Suneetha are after academic improvement and so pursuing research work


To develop a holistic personalty of the students by inculcating the cultural ethos of the land and to hone communication and employability skills


To equip and empower students with relevant knowledge, competence and creativity to face global changes.


The Department is provided a computer with internet facility , printer and intercom. The ever growing importance of English made the management think in terms of establishing English Language Lab. Realizing the need for all the students to communicate well in the Global village, arrangements are made to establish Communication Lab.

The Department has library with 215 books. It maintains Stock and issue registers and allows students to make use of the library as well as internet.

The department aims at instilling in rural students a thirst for knowledge, the fervor to preserve the tradition and culture of India, cherish the age-old ethical and spiritual values as well as uphold a life of purity and discipline.


The Department organized two UGC sponsored (Autonomous) National Seminars during the post-accreditation period.

Sri P.Srnivasa Rao is sanctioned a Research Project entitled Inculcating Extensive Reading Habits in English for Students Who Have Done Their Schooling with Telugu as Their Medium of Instruction . by the UGC.

Smt B.Jhansi Rani submitted the MRP entitled Language Teaching sanctioned by the UGC. All the members attended Orientation and Refresher courses besides undergoing training in “Train the Trainer Program .. Every year certificate,/Add on course and diploma courses are run by the Department of English.