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Department of Mathematics was established in 1957 with PUC. In 1959, B. Sc. Course with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry combination was started.

The Department of Mathematics offers B. Sc. Course. A student of Mathematics with good analytical skills and logical reasoning can excel in any walk of life. The Department of Mathematics focuses on pure mathematics catering to students of varied backgrounds to help them understand their potential and enrich their lives.

The Department has highly qualified and motivated faculty that includes 16 research scholars. They regularly attended seminars, workshops, and conferences to keep themselves current for efficient classroom management and to meet fast changing technical world.

The management has been encouraging the faculty to do research under faculty development program and they support the faculty to enrich teaching skills by way of participating in seminars, conferences and workshops etc. The 2 existing faculty members completed their Ph. D. under faculty development program by the encouragement and support of the Management..


To create an academically sound environment that motivates and inspires excellence in research and teaching in Mathematics along with concern with Society.


To develop logical, analytical and Mathematical thinking power in the minds of students in order to cater the mathematical need of the Society.

Faculty Awards:

Dr. A. Gangadhra Rao has been awarded the prestigious Andhra Pradesh State Teacher Award(2016). The award has been instituted to recognize and honor teachers who have inspired students to take up careers in Mathematics. Dr. A. Gangadhara Rao is the second Mathematician to receive this award in the department. Before him Dr. A. Anjaneyulu received A.P. State award (2008).


• The Department has library with above 150 books in mathematics
• Access to several online resources
• Unmatched computing facilities to help research in pure mathematics
• The Department has well equipped room & e-class room with Digital Interactive smart Board, audio-visual and computers. Internet services are available to the students, Research Scholars and Faculty


Courses offered by the Department:

• Under Graduate B.Sc. (Full time) (M.P.C. & M.P. C.Sc.)
• M. Phil. Course M. Phil(Mathematics) Full Time/Part Time.
• Ph.D. Course Ph.D.(Mathematics) Full Time/Part TimeS


Dr. A. Gangadhara Rao and Dr. D. Madhusudhana Rao are recognised as research Supervisors by Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur and KLEF University, Vaddeswaram, Guntur (Dt).

Research Scholars:

M.Phil Scholars
Ph.D Scholars
Present Scholars

Ph.D Scholars

S.No Name Research Director Topic Year
1 Dr.P. M. Padma Latha Dr.A.Gangadhara Rao Contributions to the theory of Γ-ideals in PO- Γ-semigroups 2014
2 Dr. G. Srinivas Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao Structure and Theory of Ternary Ideals in Ternary Semi rings 2015
3 Dr. P. Shiva Prasad Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao The Algebraic Theory of PO- Ternary Semirings 2015
4 Mrs. Sajani Lavanya Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao Classification of Ternary Γ-ideals in Ternary Γ-semirings 2015 (under FDP)
5 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr.A.Gangadhara Rao Contributions to Γ-semigroups in which primary Γ-ideals and prime and maximal 2015 (under FDP)

M.Phil Scholars

S.No Name Research Director Topic Year
1 Mrs. M. Sowjanya Dr.A.Gangadhara Rao Some studies on Regular near rings 2014-2015
2 Mrs. T. Radha Rani Dr.A.Gangadhara Rao Primary ideals are prime and maximal in semigroups 2014-2016
3 Mr. Sk. Shareef Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao Algebraic Analysis of Γ-Ideals in Γ- 2014-2016
4 Mr. T. Satish Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao A study on Γ-semigroups and Partially ordered Γ-semigroups 2014-2017
5 Mrs. P. Prasanthi Dr.A.Gangadhara Rao Ideal theory of Duo Γ-semigroups 2015-2018 (under FDP)
6 Mrs. S. Pallavi Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao Ternary Ideals and Radicals in Ternary Semirings 2014-2018
7 Mrs. K. Anuradha Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao A Study on ternary Semirings 2016-submitted

Ph.D Scholars

S.No Name Of the Scholar Research Director Course
1 P.RamyaLatha Dr.A.Gangadhara Rao Ph.D.
2 K.V.Nagalaxmi Dr. A. Gangadhara Rao Ph.D
3 D.Bhavani Dr. A. Gangadhara Rao Ph.D
4 Mrs. Sajani Lavanya Dr. A. Gangadhara Rao Ph.D
5 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr. A. Gangadhara Rao Ph.D
6 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr. A. Gangadhara Rao Ph.D
7 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr. A. Gangadhara Rao Ph.D
8 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr.A.Gangadhara Rao Ph.D.(under FDP)
9 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr.A.Gangadhara Rao M.Phil.
10 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr.A.Gangadhara Rao M.Phil.
11 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao Ph.D.
12 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao Ph.D.
13 Mrs. S. Savitri Dr.D.Madhusudhana Rao Ph.D.