The main goal / objective of the college is to send out of its portals real human beings, who can lead purposeful lives in amity with the other beings. The Paradigm shift in higher education and the concepts of Global village and knowledge society has made the institution include new objectives, in addition to the already stated goals and objectives. Now the institution aims at producing knowledgeable socially responsible, skilled and competent citizens with real human values and abilities to know, to do and lead purposeful lives. It intends to impart knowledge and suitable skills for employment, and train the students for specific employment and self employment, develop higher cognition abilities, .inculcate nationalistic outlook and sense of responsible citizenship in the student community, develop community orientation, participative culture, organizational abilities, leadership qualities, problem solving abilities and sense of religious and communal harmony. The major consideration, since the inception of the college has been to mould students into men of character.


The Management is keen on improving the standards of the students by following the latest trends. Realizing the educational needs of the present day, the Secretary Sri Nannapaneni Sudhakar convinced all the stakeholders of the need to go for accreditation and autonomy. In 2006 the institution gained autonomous status and got accredited by NAAC. Fully satisfied with the performance of the institution UGC extended autonomy Till 2017 and the institution got re accredited in 2012.


One of the reasons for the fame of this institution is committed faculty and their unquestionable scholarship.


About eight members (retired) received Best Teacher Award over so many years. During the last seven years five members received Best Teacher Awards from the State Government.


Research activity has gained momentum after the institution has become autonomous. About twelve people (retired) had either PhD or M.Phil. During the last seven years, three members from the Department of English, one from Chemistry and another from Physics, one from Politics acquired M.Phil degrees. Two people from the Department of Telugu, one from the department of Commerce, one from the department of Hindi, two from the department of Mathematics, two from the department of Chemistry, one from the department of Physics acquired Ph.D degrees.
During the last three years five members have pursued research under Faculty Improvement Program. Four members have acquired PhDs and one is yet to submit thesis.


Having realized the importance attached to the research activity in the changing scenario of higher education, the college has applied for a Research Center to inculcate research outlook among the staff and students. All these years there was no provision for the lecturers working in degree colleges to work as Research Supervisors. After accreditation and gaining autonomous status four members are permitted to take up supervision work.


During the last seven years three members from the Department of Mathematics, two from Physics, one from Zoology are appointed by the University as Research Supervisors. At present four members are guiding the scholars in M.Phil and Ph.D. About twelve scholars acquired M.Phils and about six members acquired PhDs under the able guidance of these supervisors. A number of scholars are taking the guidance of these supervisors


Two MRPs to the department of Politics, One for Chemistry, two for Physics, one for Zoology, one for Library and Information Sciences were sanctioned by the UGC. Two Minor Research Projects are sanctioned to the Department of English in the recent past.