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Department of Natural sciences was established in 1958. Under the supervision of the first Head of the Department,Sri. V.B.R.K Chowdary, it grew into a strong and efficient department.
Though only pre university course was sanctioned at the beginning B.Sc course with Chemistry,Botany,Zoology was started in 1961. Sri.K.Venkata rao, and Sri .L.Janakiramaiah joined as lecturers.In the same year sri N.Bapa Rao and Sri A.seetaramaiah joined as lecturers.
Later it was bifurcated into two departments -s Department of Zoology and the department of Botany. The first one was headed by Sri. V.B.R.K Chowdary and the department of Botany was led by Mrs.K.Krishna kumari. Sri.G.Suryanarayana and Sri.K.Hanumantha Rao joined the Department. As the strength of the students increased Smt.M.Santha Devi, Smt K.Rama Sita, A.Rajeswari,V.Ananda kumari,P.Nalini kumari joined the Department. Later in the year 1980 Smt Y.Vani, Sri K.Veeraiah, Sri V.Vikram Jeevan, Smt C.RamaDevi, were added to the Department.
Department of Botany had the privilege of having 12 aided staff members and 4 unaided staff members namely K.Sudha Rani,K.Venkateswara Rao,K.Jyothi,and S.Rama Devi.
One of the staff members Sri.N.Bapa rao was awarded Ph.D, by Andhra University, thereby, he attained the designation as reader.
Sri N.Bapa rao received 'The Best teacher Award' from the Government of Andhra Pradesh.
Sri.K.Venkata Rao and Sri.N.Bapa Rao authored 'Telugu Academy' Text books at Degree level. Smt.M.Santha Devi and Smt.A.Rajeswari retired as the principals of VSR&NVR College and Sri.K.Venkata Rao served as vice Principal
At Present the Department has two staff members SriV.Vikram Jeevan and Smt .Y.Vani.


The Department is very well established with a plinth area of 1800sq feet and it has good infrastructure.


One of the members served as NSS Program officer for more than ten years. All the members of the department used to be involved in deferent activities like participation in anti drug rally, special camp programs, awareness programs etc. The department organizes guest lectures by reputed members, observes important days associated with the subject. It is involved in an innovative method "Lab on Wheels", which is useful to schools and colleges without sophisticated instruments. The department conducts essay writing competitions, study projects to final year students, seminars, group discussions etc, and visits several slum areas to educate people about their health.