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Department of Chemistry was commissioned in 1957 with the blessings of Sri Nanapaneni Venkatrao the founder Secretary & Correspondent of the College. The first Head of the Department is Sri G.Basava Punna Rao who also worked as in charge principal later.


The vision of the department is to make the students as good chemists with a/an

  Observant eye
  Sensitive nose
  Dextrous hand
  Quick reflex
  Inquisitive mind
  Rational thought
  Scientific tempered finally a humane soul.

Faculty Members of the Department:

The former members of the Faculty Sri K.Venkaiah, Sri K.Venkatarao, Sri G.Seetaramaiah, Sri D,V.Ramana rao, Dr. N.Suguna also worked as principals.

Sri R.Raghava rao and Smt N.Suguna are Philosophy of Doctorate holders in the Department.

Sri G.Seetaramaiah acted as member of Board of Studies in UG chemistry in Acharya Nagaruna University before 2006.

Sri.C.venkatarao is a member of American Chemical Society. Sri S.Venkatadri authored ten text books for both Inter and Degree students.

Sri N.Bujji Babu published ten international research papers.

Present existing staff members are Sri N.Bujji Babu, (submitted Ph.D thesis to Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur) and Dr. K.Sobha Rani.


The Department of chemistry has five full fledged laboratories with well equipped water line, gas pipe line and wooden racks for doing practicals for Inter Degree and PG students. The Department has a full fledged Library with standard Text Books and other related Books besides Research Journals. The Department has one Computer System with Internet facility.