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As Library is the heart of institution, it is being given priority since its inception in 1951. It is a well established and well ventilated library, which has been acclaimed as one of the best libraries in Andhra Pradesh. The foundation stone was laid by the Ex President Sri V V Giri.

The paradigm shift in higher education due to globalization has brought many changes in the libraries. As the focus is on the learner-centered learning, libraries have become more important than ever. Our Library has become user-friendly, sees that students make use of technology for their good, develops information focused on patron’s needs and tries to satisfy the higher expectations of information conscious user community.

The library has 60,529 volumes and 43 journals. It offers orientation to the new comers, prompt service to the users and guidance at every step. It offers Circulation services, clipping services, Information display and notification services, Reprographic services and internet facilities.

It takes feedback from students, maintains a complaint box. In connection with Library week celebrations, it organizes competitions in Book Review, Essay writing, singing, debate etc annually. It gives Optimum User of the Library award every year. With the help of the Library Committee, the librarian enriches the library in every way. Once the institution has become autonomous and accredited by NAAC, Library follows the guidelines of the UGC. Giving importance to ICT, It has automated to a great extent.


  To help all the departments in replacing teacher-centered teaching with learner-centered learning.

  To motivate students to use technology to the maximum extent and reap the benefits.

  To see that the personnel is user friendly.

Vision of the Department:

  Hopes to see that library becomes the most important department of the institution.

  To be user friendly, to make the stakeholders realize that Library is the most important and best department of the institution.

  To develop user-centered culture and to make passive users active. With the advent of globalization, the status of the library is improved to a great extent. New concepts like learner-centered learning paved for new things to happen. Learner-centric learning has enhanced the status of the library.


Books : 60529 Text Books : 25000
Reference Books : 5000 Back Volumes : 57
Journals / Periodicals : 43 Foreign Journals : 01
Competitive Examination Books : 1000 Book Bank Books : 1000

Academic Matters:

Mrs M Sri Vani , B.SC, MLISC, MA (Eng) MA (Sociology) SLET, Lecturer in Library and Information Sciences completed one Minor Research Project and now is pursuing research. She participates in National/ International seminars and presents papers. The Department organized a National seminar on “The Functioning of Academic Libraries”. It arranges guest lectures and the librarian delivers guest lectures.

Community Service:

  Conducts Yoga classes for girl students as well as outsiders.

  Organizes Blood donation camps.

  Motivates students to participate in community oriented activities.

  Inculcates discipline.